Are you a manufacturer?

Yes,we are.We are the manufacturer of food machinery,but we also provide Procurement Service if customer require.

What is your warranty for machinery?

Our warranty is 12 months,with whole life service.

Do you provide formula for machine?

Yes,we provide the formula.we can help adjust the formula according to customer’s local taste if customer require.

Do you provide installation and commissioning?

Yes,we send technicians for machine installation and commissioning,machine running and local team training.

Do you make customized machine?

Yes,we can provide customized machine according to customer’s requirements.We also provide turnkey solution if customer require.

Can you arrange factory inspection and machine checking before order?

Yes,we arrange factory inspection and machine checking if customer require.

Can you arrange shipment?

Yes,we can arrange the shipment for customer if customer require.

Can you send sample?

 No.Our machine is not available to send sample.But we can invite customer for factory visiting,or customer can send us his product samples.For small machine parts,we can negotiate with customer and arrange shipping by air.

How is your machine quality?

 Our machine are all food grade,all parts connecting with food are stainless steel304,configuration(electrical part,motor,transducer,etc)according to customer’s require.

How many employee is needed for the machine?

 Depends on customer’s machine condition.for single machine,need 1-2employees,for production line,need 5-8employees or more.